444 444 kilometers with с R-Class

Prof. h. c. Harald Leschke
Tsar Osvoboditel 30a, App. 10
8800 Sliven
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As the Moon does not revolvearound the Earthin a circle but in the ellipse, the distance to the Moonvaries between 356,000 and 406,000 km.
If myR-Classhadpassed these 444 444-kilometers at an average speedof75 km / h, then if I had started on January 1-st, I would have arrived at the Moon around full Moon on June 22, after I have passed 356 000 kilometers. And I would be able to drive around on the Moon for about half a year with this speed, and around Christmas I would stop after having passed 444 444 kilometers. 

But I still drive on the Earth - since August 2006, when I had the chance to receive this R-Class as a company car. A month today, it will be the R-Class birthday and will celebrate its 7-th anniversary.

The first 100 000 kilometers were passed during the first year without unexpected visits in the service.

As a designer, I was impressed by the proportions, the sporty look, the high seat position, the comfort of the Airmatic and the Business-Class second row of seats with armrests, just like Maybach. At the back there is a chance to have different seat configurations with 4, 5 or 6 places. Tall people would be glad to travel even at the last row of seats from Sofia toSunny Beach(at least inthe long version).

The nextaspect was, of course, the four-wheel drivethanks tothe serialconcept4-Matic and the sufficiently thickrubberprofile of the 19-inchwheels thatdealwith the holeson the Bulgarian roads.

It was necessary the car to be repatriated 3 times in total, due to damages of the tires and rims. All the other small technical problems were always repaired during my visits to the service. Even after a total engine brake down at 165 000 kilometers, due to a faulty piston material, my car continued to be in motion at emergency mode and managed to reach the service station. Fortunately this damage was repaired within the warrantee.

As almost all of the services were performed only by Daimler, mainly in Balkan Star Sofia, I was sure that all of the repairs were made according to Mercedes standards.

After 444 444 kilometers I could say only one thing - the quality is very good. You could hardly guess that my R-Class for almost 7 years has passed the distance to the Moon and over - at last but not least, due to the continuous care for the interior and the exterior.