27 August 2013

444 444 kilometers with с R-Class

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  As the Moon does not
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09 August 2013

Cars in the movies

Do you like watching movies? And do you like cars? May be 90% of the answers would be positive which means that this post will rise the interest. That's right, the topic of the day is cars in the movies. Except ineveryday life, themachineson four
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02 August 2013

Why not a hybrid?

We will skip the banal tales for"the developmentof modern technology" andwillgodirectly to thetopic -hybrids. Of course it is (un)necessary to clarify that we are not talking about crossbreeds betweendifferent species, but for the automobiles, which
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30 July 2013

Mercedes-Benz Commercials

The commercials are not warmlyacceptedbythe viewers, who decided to relax in front of the television at home after the hard working day. The interruptions of their favorite tv shows or interesting movie are not the most pleasant part – they are
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24 June 2013

The newGrand Cherokee -whensize does matter

Today the car diversity is not a surprise for anyone... at least untilthe driver does notface thechoosing process ofhisnew vehicle,whichis oftenquitedifficult. In this relation,the following lineswill helpa lotpeople ina similar situation. What’s
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22 January 2013

Finally, the summer is here-clear blue sky, hotasphalt andsmiles walking around on it

Well, the smiles are dominating. During this season people along with the sun are somewhat morecheerful. Indeed, quite a lot of them stay hidden behind the blinds inside the office, take a look outside and start daydreaming... Don't you smell the
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