Finally, the summer is here-clear blue sky, hotasphalt andsmiles walking around on it

Well, the smiles are dominating. During this season people along with the sun are somewhat morecheerful. Indeed, quite a lot of them stay hidden behind the blinds inside the office, take a look outside and start daydreaming... Don't you smell the seaside?

Alongside all the tasks that I have to finish, I can easily imagine the anticipated date when I will drive off East. Usually the travelling itself is not my favorite part due to so many reasons. But as they say - dreams are free. As for my future traveling, still imaginarily though, I choose a cabriolet. I have always wanted to have a ride in such a car! Isn't it beautiful? Freedom, speed, pleasure! To head off to the dreamed place alone or with your beloved one, feeling that your vacation has just begun, right after you’ve started the engine. To fly over the smoothasphalt (well, in our country "smooth" is a relative term) with top folded down, to watch the shiningsunflowerfields and to be touched by the hot sun raysthatsoftlymerge withthe freshbreeze. Or, asin the classicmovies, to feel the romance - the lady is sitting next toher lover, sheunties thesilkscarffromher neckandlets itsweepsmoohlyflappedby the speed.
A few moments later,  the couple is enjoying the sunset captured by the tranquility and the sea scent of a distant beach. However, the modern technologycannot replacesuchmoments- but regarding the vehicles, they can make themevenmore beautiful!

All innovations allow the experience to be even more complete and real. Even if you are not an admirer of the"naive" romanticmoments, you cannot deny that travelling with friends is a seductive idea. Everyone is happy, turning their backs onthe tasks of the daily routine, heading off to the horizon... Few hours later the picture is the following: night, pebbly beach, 4-5 silhouettes sitting in a circle, with faces lit by the fire-no problems,no worries... A real dream. Moreover, it is achievable.

Stop. Back to the reality. There is no time. There are so many things to do, so much work and loads of patience. The files full with documents are piled on the desk, the appointment with the doctor cannot be postponed and those problems at home... Yes, many mornings are waiting ahead, when thealarm will interrupt the beautifuldreamsand will replace themwith the reality. But theywill pass away. Andhow someone would notthink about it? Here it isagain.Thatcabriolet- the road tofreedom...