Mercedes-Benz Commercials

The commercials are not warmlyacceptedbythe viewers, who decided to relax in front of the television at home after the hard working day. The interruptions of their favorite tv shows or interesting movie are not the most pleasant part – they are often not just boring (of course, we are not talking about all commercials) but they could be also breathtakingly ...annoying.

That is the reason why it is a real pleasure to see a commercial which is not only meaningfulbut also attractive enough to hold your attention. Even if it does not make you buy the product, at least it will provideyou a with a certain amount ofamusementand inspiration.

Such commercials are not something rare but they are not often broadcasted in our Country. That is why we have premade a selection of the nicestMercedes-Benz commercials. They intend nothing else (almost nothing else) but to make you smile.

„Sunday Driver”

Mercedes-Benz E-Class “Sorry”


Mercedes-Benz GL 2013 "Police"

Mercedes SLS AMG “Tunnel”

“Service Close to your Heart”



“Blond in a Library”