The newGrand Cherokee -whensize does matter

Today the car diversity is not a surprise for anyone... at least untilthe driver does notface thechoosing process ofhisnew vehicle,whichis oftenquitedifficult. In this relation,the following lineswill helpa lotpeople ina similar situation. What’s more, it may change your concepts completely, that satisfying one need means compromising another. There is no automobile that could give you everything? Think again.

My name is Cherokee, Grand Cherokee. EvenBond'sreplydoes not soundmasculineenough for the new Jeep model which is a real incarnation of power. Fine, the statement that this car could give you everything is not entirely correct. It seems that the only thing that Grand Cherokee cannot give you is...a compact size. However in every other aspect, the new model is perfectlydesigned- there are noperfect people, but apparently there are such cars.

Let's start with one key element - comfort. The equipment can be different, according to the customer’s request. But the essential thing is that the quality, even in the entry level of equipment (if such term can be used) is incredible. LED lights, navigation system, keyless start of the engine and central display showing all data, are just a small part of the equipment of Grand Cherokee.

It is not difficult at all to imagine the experience behind the wheel of such car. Even the weather outside does not influence the comfort of the passengers. During the winter they can sit comfortably on the electrically adjustable seats, listen to the music with perfect quality, thanks to the innovative multimedia system and enjoy the stars through the panoramic roof (for the higher level of equipment). What else could someone wish? Even if more was not  necessary, the comfort and luxuryareherein abundance. 

Of course, the design is also important. The exterior of the new 4x4 is both elegant and masculine. It combines muscular lines outside with stylish details inside. Leather upholstery with prominent edges of the seats, wooden and chrome elements...The advantages ofthe interior are so many and can fill up the senses of the owner, as well as those who benefit from his hospitality, for a long time.

The style, however, does not imply compromise with the performance of the car. In case you decide to drive off-road, you will experience the real power of the engine. The off-road potential of Grand Cherokee is distinctive for Jeep since 1941. Your car will go through sandy beaches, rocky tracks, mud and even snow drifts. The model provides a choice of 5 driving modes according to the road conditions which makes the driving easier.

The power imposes even higher security level. Safety is a key element. The power and the acceleration do not mean that the car will be unstable on and off-road. Grand Cherokee is equipped with blind spot monitoring system, forward collision warning system, grip control and rear view parking camera. With all these safety systems, the collision is unlikely to happen. But even if it occurs, the set of airbags will be triggered in order to prevent passengers from severe injuries.

Undoubtedly, the advantages of the model are many, but if they have to be explained in comprehensive technical details, only one publication is not enough. So let's try to summarize the above mentioned characteristics: Powerful design, style, comfort (even something more), stable on and off-road, maximum safety - indisputablymasculinemodel that even a small boy could drive with a real pleasure.