Used vehicles

The automobile is an indispensable part in its owner's life, which brings comfort and makes the daily routine easier. It is not always necessary the car to be brand new. That is the reason why Balkan Star Remarketing offers to the customers used passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, mid and heavy duty trucks from each brands. They are with proven quality and could be accompanied by one of our special programs - Proven Еxclusivity and Used 1.

The used vehicles are in perfect condition and with proven track record. When buying such a vehicle you could take advantage of leasing, full after sales service as well as buy back!

Thanks to Balkan Star Remarketing you could obtain one-year-old vehicle imported from the Daimler AG system for used vehicles. All vehicles are with warranty and proven quality.
Also, Balkan Star Remarketing gives you the chance to obtain our demonstration vehicles. They are an incredibly good investment as their mileage is below 10 000 km and they are less than 6 months old. They have all the characteristics of the new vehicles together with the advantage of the lower price.