Sponsorship program

Thank you for considering Balkan Star as a potential sponsorship partner.
We realize the important role which our company has as a leader in providing complete mobility solutions in Bulgaria. That is why we support activities, projects and organizations, which are in favor of our society.

What is sponsorship?
Our vision for sponsorship is to provide support to individuals, teams, organizations or events in return of the right to use the end product for promoting Balkan Star or the brands in our portfolio and/or the services of the company.
Therefore the sponsorship application is evaluated by its applicability to the Balkan Start Corporate Identity and to the product range in our portfolio.

What are the suitable proposals?
The focus of Balkan Star sponsorship program is pointed at:
1. Sport, media, entertainment and/or lifestyle;
2 Inspiring presenters of the Brands or professional organizations and associations.
Priority will be given to proposals which:
- are among one of our main sponsorship areas;
- correspond to our corporate values;
- ensure huge coverage of potential customers, which are emotionally bound with the sponsorship idea;
- provide solid advantages which could be used for Marketing and Business relations;
- are not supported by another car distributor or car services provider;
- provide opportunity for involving employees, distributors and customers of Balkan Star as well as the general public.

And organizations, which:
- are reliable and have recognized qualifications in managing sponsorship and other socially significant initiatives, including successfully organized promotions;
- have demonstrated experience in adding value to the partner organization (sponsor);
- are able to provide satisfying information for the managing team and its financial condition;
- provide an adequate time frame for reaction of the sponsorship request.

Which are the inappropriate proposals?
Balkan Star will not take under consideration proposals which:
- pose a threat to the society and/or the environment;
- affect or discriminate against minority groups;
- do not meet the anti-corruption practices, general ethical rules and the legislation of Bulgaria and European Union;
- are sponsored by a Balkan Star competitor.
The sponsorship proposals should include:
1. Main details of the event, program, project (for example place, date, etc). Is this one time event or sustainable program/initiative?
2. Demographic data of the visitors, auditory or participants (for example averageage, residence, etc.)
3. Summary of the planned and approved marketing activities, advertising schemes, plan and budget.
4. Information for other sponsors which have agreed to support the event or the project. 
5. Detailed list of the advantages and especially the benefits for Balkan Star and the products/services of the company.
6. Time frames for the preparation of the event and its running, including the most important deadlines;
7. Recommendations, including information about the key people involved in the project or the event;
8. Statement if your organization is  in any relations with Balkan Star or it has a chance to become its business partner.
9. Estimation of the needed support.

Time orientation
Unfortunately the number of the projects and initiatives awaiting support are much more than the budget available. That is why we could not guarantee support even for projects which are very suitable and have  huge value for us. Please consider that it could take up to 3 months after receiving your project/initiatives to process your request.

Assessment process
All requests will be reviewed by PR and Corporate Communications in order to assess their relevance, applicability and the resources that will be needed. For additional information regarding your project, you might be contacted by Balkan Star PR and Marketing specialists.
The recommended proposals will be presented to the line managers or to the General Managers for consideration.
The candidates will be informed for the final decision.
Proposals can be sent by mail to PR and Corporate Communication office@balkanstar.com and should contain all contact details (name, e-mail, and phone number).