Why not a hybrid?

We will skip the banal tales for"the developmentof modern technology" andwillgodirectly to thetopic -hybrids. Of course it is (un)necessary to clarify that we are not talking about crossbreeds betweendifferent species, but for the automobiles, which is definitely a more meaningful activity.

In a nut shell,the natureofthe hybridconsists of"crossing" two types ofdrive-an electricmotor andpetrol engine(with the potential for development of a diesel versions too). Because there is a lot of information aboutthiscar generation, we will not fall intoa polemic about the systems, hidden under the front bonnet. At the end of the day, what matters are the benefits for the driver (and not only).

The combination of electricity and petrol allows lower fuel consumption, reduced running costs and last but not least, minimum emissions. That is for the start. Along with the advantages mentioned above, the hybrids do not require recharging from the electric system (such options exists in some of the models). The maintenance is not so expensive and contrary to thebeliefs that the new is not so reliable, the hybrid system is entirely safe. Skepticismis unnecessaryeven forthe hybrid'sbattery. Itis designed to withstandthe vehicle's lifeandveryrarelyrequireschangesdue to damage. On the other hand, the constant improvement leads to the production of more and more powerful vehicles and the speed turns into one of the main characteristics.

Where is the catch? The only disadvantage (if we could define it like that) of the hybrids is the higher price at the moment. These types of vehicles are more expensive than the conventional ones in the same segment. However, thanks to the lower fuel consumption levels, the investment is refunded soon after the purchase.

Having in mind all the characteristics that were listed above, the hybrids have the potential to be widely distributed even in our Country. I said "even in our Country" because in the USA and Europe there are standards regarding hybrids and they are increasing. Overall the usage of the hybrids increases. And if you think about a car which is safe, consumes less fuel and does not destroy the environment so quickly, to be fair, actually it is a real bargain.